Sustainability Mission Statement

SCI is committed to corporate social responsibility by promoting a culture among our employees which encourages sustainable practices, decisions, and recommendations and incorporates them into daily operations. It is our belief that sound environmental stewardship will benefit our communities, our employees, our clients and our company. We pride ourselves for looking both internally and externally for ways to incorporate sustainability into our business.

– Our company’s sustainable practices incorporate programs to conserve natural resources and reduce environmental impact, while increasing employee awareness.

– We promote sustainability externally by providing recommendations on environmentally mindful and low-impact procedures or products to our clients.

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Natural Resources

Natural Resource services often involve identification of features such as streams and wetlands that are under the regulation of the state or federal government. As such, we often make recommendations to avoid or minimize impacts or disturbance to these features. These sustainable recommendations often streamline our client’s regulatory permitting process, save our client’s valuable time and money, and protect valuable natural resources.

Other sustainable recommendations under these services include:
– Development of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
– Identification and avoidance of threatened and endangered species or their critical habitat
– Design of stream and wetland mitigation sites
– Stream Channel Design and biostabilization



Brownfield Sites

Brownfield sites often provide unique opportunities for redevelopment of urbanized areas and the efficient utilization of land as a resource. This focus on centralization helps to reduce the extent of urban sprawl and to minimize man’s footprint on the natural landscape. SCI’s Environmental Services group provides Phase One and Phase Two Environmental Investigations for the redevelopment of Brownfield properties. SCI can also perform site characterization activities and subsequent corrective actions and remediation for properties that have soil and/or groundwater impact. In addition, SCI’s NEPA services include a wetland survey to determine impact on wetland and water quality. Air Quality assessments are alsoperformed, as well as environmental assessments to investigate the presence of any petroleum, toxic or hazardous materials. SCI can also provide indoor air quality monitoring, asbestos surveys and lead based paint surveys. SCI also provides services for heavy metals-based sampling of painted masonry materials on pre-demolition projects. This is required in order to use that material as on-site fill, as opposed to putting it into a demolition fill.




Concrete is becoming more and more common as a demolition product. In the past, old concrete was frequently hauled to a landfill due to the limited uses available within new construction. Over the last several years, SCI has partnered with local leaders in the recycled concrete business to expand the use of this material. SCI had always advocated the use of concrete in general fill where appropriate. However, old concrete can also be used as road base materials and even as aggregates in new concrete. A few examples include: SCI worked with the general contractor to gain approval to use recycled concrete aggregates in the cement treated base beneath taxiways and runways at Lambert International Airport; SCI helped a contractor to gain approval from MoDOT to use recycled concrete as base materials at the new Mid Rivers Mall Drive/I-70 Interchange; and SCI worked with MoDOT to research the use of recycled concrete aggregates in new pavement and structures.



Internal Initiatives

Internally, SCI has created a “Green Team” and annually participates in the RCGA Green Business Challenge to help improve the sustainability of business operations. Sustainability actions include energy, indoor environmental quality, waste, water, and transportation. Listed below are some descriptions that highlight our focus on sustainability.

– Implemented Single Stream Recycling practices in all offices
– Eliminated the use of bottled water and Styrofoam
– Stock re-usable items such as plates, mugs, water pitchers and silverware
– Participate in RideFinders
– Use WebX for conferencing between offices
– Enforce a ‘no idling’ policy around all office buildings
– Use only local vendors for office supplies and implemented sustainability guidelines for purchasing
– Re-use of discarded concrete for erosion control, stabilization along creek banks, edging along gardens, and patio pavers.

Green Business Challenge

The St. Louis Green Business Challenge is presented by the St. Louis Regional Chamber to assist member-companies and organizations in adopting sustainable business practices that can help grow our region’s green economy, reduce environmental impact and improve bottom lines.

SCI has participated in the RCGA Green Business Challenge since the program’s inception in 2010.

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Race for the Rivers

Race for the rivers: SCI participates in and donates to the Race for the Rivers annual event sponsored by the Greenway Network. Held in Frontier Park in historic St. Charles, MO, the race, ride, and festival was held on August 29, 2015.

SCI welcomes client participation and would love to canoe, kayak, or bike ride with participating companies. Just drop us a line at

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