Work Smart in an Accident Free Environment.


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SCI is committed     to the health, safety and environment of all who play a part in our operations. We foster a culture of health and safety and strive to incorporate sustainable environmental practices, decisions, and recommendations into our daily operations. We believe sound environmental stewardship will benefit our communities, our employees, our clients and our company.

Employees are SCI’s single most valuable asset. Protecting employee safety and health is our highest priority. The directors, managers, and supervisors of SCI are accountable for safeguarding the well-being of personnel by endeavoring to plan and implement safety into every aspect of work operations and setting the example for employee conduct. However, this is a task that cannot be accomplished alone, and SCI strongly believes that a team effort involving every employee is essential to success.

SCI has an active Safety Committee comprised of employees that represent each of the five service departments as well as each of our offices. The employee’s role in the prevention of accidents is vitally important and SCI encourages every employee to exercise good judgment and habits in their work, to follow all safety rules, and to encourage co-workers to do the same.

Employees are instructed to immediately report all accidents and unsafe conditions to their supervisor, and to ask questions and offer suggestions on how to improve job site safety.

SCI complies with the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Act of 1970. In addition, SCI complies with all state safety and health regulations, regulations under the Environmental Protection Agency, local building codes, and SCI work rules or procedures which apply to each of our office locations.

To further emphasize our commitment to safety, SCI is a member of ISNet World and PICS, widely recognized organizations used by many large corporations to review and evaluate the safety standards of their subcontractors. Through our membership in ISNet World and PICS, SCI has formed connections with numerous key companies.

For more information about SCI’s safety and health program or to inquire about our current EMR or OSHA ratings, contact Brian Winch by phone 636-949-8200 or via email at



-Risk & Safety Manager-
Brian Winch

Brian joined SCI as the Risk and Safety Manager to provide Health and Safety support to the company. His responsibilities include developing and maintaining the company’s health and safety program, developing and conducting training presentations, performing job hazard analyses, and leading incident investigations to help reduce incidents. He brings with him years of experience in the Environmental Health and Safety field, in which he most recently served as a Senior Environmental Health and Safety Specialist in the pharmaceutical industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Management from Columbia Southern University along with other industry certifications. Contact Brian by phone 636-949-8200 or via email at