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History of SCI Engineering, Inc.
William Green, P.E. founded Soil Consultants, Inc. in 1979. He graduated from the University of Missouri -- Rolla in 1968 with a Bachelor's Degree and in 1969 with a Master's Degree in Civil of Engineering. Bill was also a Second Lieutenant with the Corp. of Engineers. While delaying his military service for nine months he worked for a small St. Louis, Missouri geotechnical engineering firm. Upon entering active duty, he served as an Aide to a general, who was responsible for supply to the northern third of Vietnam.

After finishing service to his country, Bill first returned to the small consulting firm, but it wasn't too long before he was approached by another engineering company with an offer to run a relatively new upstart geotechnical firm. It was just the challenge that he needed. In 1979, Bill found himself in a small office located in a garage in St. Peters, Missouri, and he knew he'd found his niche.

His challenge in the first few years was to generate a quality staff to do the work that was readily available. Blossoming under the direction of Bill, Soil Consultants became the source for engineering and testing services for both residential and commercial projects in the fast growing St. Charles County, Missouri during the 80's and early 90's. Between 1979 and 1990, the company grew at an average rate of 27% per year.

This rapid success was the result of several key factors, one of the most prominent being that Soil Consultants readily embraced change. Once the company built a solid client base, new services were continually added to meet increasing client demands. Soil Consultants soon added construction and in 1986, environmental services were also added to the mix.

In 1988, Soil Consultants began opening multiple branch offices in Missouri and Illinois. Local accessibility to both clients and their sites was a primary focus of these branches. Now, SCI became even more central in providing a broader scope of services to an even greater expanding client base.

Wetland Services were added in 1994 with Archaeology to soon follow. Several lead employees in each of the service areas became partners when Soil Consultants was reorganized in 1998 to become SCI Engineering, Inc.

Client Champion Program
Out of company culture of customer driven services, the Client Champion program was born. Because SCI provides such a diverse scope of services, larger clients could quickly find themselves in contact with a long list of SCI staff members. "When our clients have questions, we want to be able to give them an immediate point of contact. We want them to have someone they trust to troubleshoot problems or issues," stated Bill. Each of SCI's prominent clients has their own Client Champion, and the positive response to the program has been overwhelming.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2008, SCI's staff prides itself on the ability to provide multiple consulting services with quality, professionalism, and responsiveness to clients during the development, design, and construction phases of projects. The company's success is attributed to our team of highly skilled and experienced staff that includes geotechnical engineers, geologists, archaeologists, earth scientists, construction experts, and engineering technicians.

With four offices and nearly 150 employees, SCI's ability to develop innovative an cost-effective design solutions is not only a result of the diversity and experience of our staff, but also the commitment between different service groups to work as a team to provide our clients with quality consulting services.

"I want clients to come back to SCI not just for the excellent services we provide, but for the relationships they develop with individual people."
- Bill Green, P.E.

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